How to protect your iPhone screen

Smashed screens are the most common repairs for phones. However, there is a remedy for this. You can take precautions to protect your phone screen from cracking. When the screen cracks, all is not lost, and there are many options for iPhone screen repairs. First let’s see how you can protect your screen from the risk of cracking.

iphone screen repairs


Investing on a good phone case for your phone is a protective measure against cracking. The case acts as a cushion and takes the effects of a drop instead of your phone suffering the same. Phone cases come in a variety of shapes, sizes, appearances and even materials. It’s good to take your time to find one that appeals to your taste as many people get bored with their phone cases easily and take them off, hence exposing their phones to risk of cracking.

Screen protector

Screen protectors in the market come in a variety of materials, including glass and plastics. There are also those that protect the whole phone while others are merged with cases so that they only cover the screen. A glass screen protector is more advised than plastics as in case of a hard hit, it cracks instead of your screen.

Guard from scratches

When putting your phone, especially in handbags and pockets, it’s important to ensure it is separate from keys and coins that may scratch the screen.

In the event that your phone screen cracks, there are many places where to get cell phone screen fixed from.


The apple company which is the manufacturer of iPhones themselves can repair your iPhone for you. This is an expensive affair, however, in comparison to the other options available.

Repair shops

If you wish to know where to get a phone screen fixed from, well there are shops in every locality for the same. You can locate one nearest to you and visit them and get your repair done.


There are many online shops that offer services of iPhone screen repairs where you identify a service provider and send your phone to them. What troubles many people with this option, however, is the safety of their device. It’s therefore, important you research well on the reliability of the online service providers you are going for and transport means.

Home repairs

Here repair companies send their people to personally come and repair the phone for you at a location you want. This option guarantees phone security.

Do it yourself

There are many tutorials online on how you can fix your phone yourself. They also guide you on the materials that you should assemble. It’s the cheapest option of screen repair.

Taking precautions against screen cracking is a safe option. Investing on good screen protectors, phone cases and avoiding putting your phone in bags or pockets that contain metal objects might save you from going for iPhone screen repairs in the future. But still, if the screen cracks, there are many phone repair Sydney cbd shops from where you can get your phone repaired. However, by and large, prevention is better than cure.

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