How to Increase Website Conversions and Reduce the Bounce Rates

If you have been getting fairly good traffic but struggling to make a sale, get email sign ups or get more leads sign up for a particular product, then you probably have a very high bounce rate.  A high bounce rate means that visitors are coming to your website, but they are “bouncing off” or leaving before they take any meaningful action that will lead to conversions. If the bounce rate issue is not solved, it will be the death of your business. It might mean you are spending a lot of money on Chicago web design or SEO, but you are not getting commensurate results.

There are many ways which web marketing experts in Chicago use in order to increase the conversion rates. One of them is by building numerous landing pages. For example, a company that has built up to 40 landing pages will get over ten times more conversions than one which has only built five landing pages or less. Whenever you see a high bounce rate, then it is time to invest in some professional Chicago web design service that will assist you in pushing up your conversion rates.

Understand the Conversion Architecture

Serious companies that want to generate lots of sales will generally invest in serious Chicago web design and content marketing strategy that will help them in growing their business.

Improve the Readability of the Content

Poor readability or lack of readability is one of the main factors that is hindering great conversions for your website. A good user experience is often defined by good quality content that is readable. One of the biggest turn-offs for readers is large chunks of text. Readers want a text that is arranged in small blocks and which can be read with greater efficiency. Of course, a great content design must also go with a fabulous content formatting which contributes to the reader experience.

Avoid Popups

Users hate irrelevant pop-ups or pop-ups in general so try to avoid them as much as possible. A lot of users will leave your website if the pop-ups keep on interrupting their reading. People love clean and calm interfaces where they can focus on learning about a particular subject. They are particularly annoying when used aggressively to coerce a conversion.

The Compelling Call-to-Action

The Call to Action should be prominent and users should be able to spot the CTA button almost instantly. You need to attract a visitor through an attractive headline, enthrall them with good content and give them the option to buy into the idea through compelling CTA.

Improving Brand Storytelling

Good storytelling can be quite captivating. It can bring the brand to life and keep readers hooked to your brand and products. It is important for brands to invest in very good content copywriting that resonates well with the company’s brand image. People are always looking for something extra that will stand out including images. Have excellent storytelling that will connect them to your brand images and values.

Quality Keyword Targeting

It is important that you target those keywords that carry high-value traffic.  Every SEO expert for professionals will emphasize the value of premium keywords in ensuring web conversions. The high-value keyword generally has certain characteristics including brand value, traffic value and conversion value.

Have Multiple Landing Pages

This is an important part of Chicago web design. Have multiple landing pages that you can target with your high-value keywords. More landing pages will also increase the CTR and allows you to generate more conversions. At the end of the day, it is a numbers game but only if you adhere to certain quality standards. Hire a top SEO company Chicago has to assist you in implementing a winning SEO strategy.

Liam Watkins