Agile Object System Framework

Smallscript Corporation’s Agile Object System (AOS) Framework is a rich multi-paradigm common dynamic language runtime and scripting language architecture. It has intrinsic support for the S# language which is a superset/dialect of classic Smalltalk-98. See the Informal Language Comparison Chart.

The S# (ssharp) language implementation (pronounced s-sharp) is a complete modular redesign of the Smalltalk language, offering transparent cross-language integration and component based deployment. Capable of supporting both repository and industry standard file-based source code management, it offers a rich array of streamlined features which enhance the Smalltalk language with features familiar to users of languages such as C, C++, Java, JavaScript, Microsoft Visual C# .NET, Visual Basic .NET, Python, PHP, and many popular scripting languages.

In contrast with a variety of other programming languages, its unique modular composition technology with multi-threaded C-like-performance of dynamic and scripting languages addresses many of today’s most difficult fragility and versioning challenges that developers face when working on just-in-time integration within client and server applications.

Design work and implementation of the Smallscript System began in 1999. Today, it offers modular deployment as a small-footprint, hi-performance, pre-emptive multi-threaded jit-based execution engine for dynamic and scripting languages.

Modular means creation of real composable EXE/DLL code-libraries and drag-install of components. The standard AOS Runtime system, compilers and core frameworks come as a single drag-install ~1.2MB DLL/so/shared-library and a 8KB script-runner/module-compiler EXE.

Small means components or modules typically sized in the low KB range.

Fast means execution speeds targetting the range of 2-3X of C/C++ and total startup/execute/shutdown times measured in 10’s of milliseconds.

Scripting means executing source via an integrated choice of binary, text files, html, and xml. read more